What makes your business or nonprofit special?

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi.

To you, what you do is essential. But how do you get other people to see that? How do you get the greater community to notice what you’re doing and, more importantly, feel just as passionate about it as you do? Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective. Lyons Share Marketing, LLC has a wide range of services that can help you get the attention and recognition your business deserves.

Here’s how Lyons Share can help:

  • Work with you to create a clear marketing plan    
  • Social media content calendars    
  • Event planning    
  • Web design
  • Donor acquisition    
  • Grant writing    
  • Volunteer acquisition    
  • Design of newsletters, email blasts, and other correspondence    
  • Choosing and setting up donor software    
  • Direct mail campaigns    
  • Advertising assistance and recommendations    
  • Video production/editing    
  • Copywriting
  • And more!