My Entrepreneur Journey: Finding my passion in fashion

Guest post by Emelia Castro There are so many different roads one can travel when deciding to start their own business. My road was an interesting one. After getting into a car accident while going to college, I was forced to drop out and redirect everything I thought my life was going to be.  Once […]

resume lettering text on black background

3 Essentials for a Resume That’s Uniquely You

Guest post by Nikki Davis Your resume is an extension of your professional presence. Think of it as your mascot—your very own (very square) hype machine. It exists to announce you and your experience ahead of time to its readers—and if it’s not making its reader want to know more about you, it’s not doing […]

Marketing for small businesses vs. marketing for nonprofits

Marketing, at its core, is all about telling a story. In that respect, it’s very similar to journalism (which is why many journalists end up becoming marketers or PR specialists). When you’re marketing for a small business, or any business for that matter, you have to get people to understand why they need what you’re […]

How to be “you” on social media

Social media is a huge part of our society, whether we like it or not. Even if you choose to have zero personal participation in social media, you really have no choice but to have a presence for your small business. Because so much of the population relies heavily on social media for news, advertisements, […]

Post like a Pro

So you just created your Facebook and Instagram accounts, but you haven’t the slightest idea of what to post. Fear not. The worst thing you can do is overthink it. Here are some tips to help you get started posting like a pro: Create a schedule. This is vital to maintaining a social media presence. […]

Review: Tree Trekkers of Frederick, MD

OK guys, how many of you have heard of Tree Trekkers? And how many of you have been there? If you answered no to either of those questions, hop on their website and make a reservation. Trust me, you won’t regret it. I had the awesome opportunity to tour the grounds and enjoy some of […]

Who are you without your business?

Who are you without your business? Small business owners are used to enmeshing their identities and their work personas on a daily basis. In many ways, we are our work. But self-care is profoundly important, especially for small business owners who have their “work persona” at the ready 24 hours a day. Unlike salaried employees […]

Does your nonprofit have staff buy-in?

This one’s for all you nonprofit development professionals. Your job is HARD. Marketing is a difficult field, but nonprofit marketing/fundraising is a completely different level of difficulty. Getting people to not just care about what you do but give their time and money to sustain it is quite the task. And if you don’t have […]

Five Things to Understand Before Starting Your Blogging Journey

Blogs can be an important way to get your brand out into the world. This week’s guest post, written by Jensen Van Horn of The Yellow Haired Warrior Blog, tells you how to get started writing your own blog. WRItten by Jensen Van Horn Regardless of your niche, business, or interests, starting a blog is […]

So you want a career in Communications? Here’s what you need to know.

In this week’s guest post, Megan Rule gives some tips for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the Communications field. Written by Megan Rule So, you want to major in communications in college? That’s great! Majoring in communications was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. Hopefully this helps you decide whether it’s […]

How to be the #girlboss of your life

In this week’s guest post, Marina Shiferman dives into the subject of female empowerment as it pertains to financial independence. Written by Marina Shiferman As a woman, I feel so empowered to live the life that I want for myself.  Female empowerment has come a long way since the beginning of the 1900s. Women have […]

Creating content for your small business

OK, so you read “Choosing the right social media platforms for you” and you’re ready to move forward. You’ve chosen your platforms and are excited to get started posting. But now there’s another question: What do you post? Here’s the most important thing. If you take nothing else away from this post, take this to […]

Choosing the right social media platforms for your business

Social media is essential for small businesses (and really all businesses). It connects you to your client in an intimate way that was never possible before. Rather than the business talking at the client through advertising, social media allows for a conversation between the two. It provides instantaneous communication that brings businesses into customers’ homes. […]

The importance of hand-writing letters

We’ve talked at length about the importance of personalization for your small business or nonprofit. This week’s guest blog post, written by Koyun Fan, owner of Sticky Rice Sisters, gets into the personal in personalization. Written by Koyun Fan When was the last time you sent a handwritten card or letter to someone not for […]

Tips for personalizing your business

Personalization is so important. Our clients and customers want to know that, behind the terminology, contracts and business speak, there’s a regular human just like us. That’s why so many people prefer giving their hard-earned money to small businesses rather than corporations. If you can relate to someone, you will feel better about supporting them. […]

The importance of collaboration

Humans are social creatures. If the COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s that we inherently crave connection. So, it’s no surprise that working together has the power to make us stronger, more creative and, really, smarter. When we work together, we unleash something amazing in one another. Brainstorming is (usually) so much more effective […]

Making your brand stand out

So you started a business, and it’s everything you wanted it to be. But there’s just one problem: There’s hundreds of other businesses doing exactly the same thing. How do you make yours stand out? Here’s the thing: You know why your business is worthy of attention (and clients/customers). This is your baby, after all. […]

Throwing all your eggs in one basket?

The importance of diversifying your fundraising efforts Alright nonprofits: This one’s for you. You’ve probably heard the expression “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Well, there’s more than one way to fundraise, too. Oftentimes, due to lack of time, resources, or knowledge, nonprofits will put all of their metaphorical eggs in one […]

Marketing Goals

What are you looking to accomplish with your marketing strategy? Marketing is scary. It’s an entire world in itself. That’s why most businesses have someone who just does marketing. Because, if you’re not used to it, trained for it, or well-versed in it, it seems like a pretty daunting task to take on. But many […]

Nonprofit Tips

Maintaining a presence during COVID-19 Nonprofits are the heart of our communities. They take on challenges and causes that help us grow, learn and truly help the people around us. Right now, nonprofits, like small businesses, are hurting. If you’re looking for ways to keep your nonprofit strong during this crisis, read the list of […]

Small Business Tips

Maintaining a presence during COVID-19 Small businesses are the backbone of the communities they serve. Unfortunately, many small businesses are struggling right now as the global community faces the COVID-19 crisis. It isn’t selfish or wrong to think of your business right now. Our businesses — our work — is our livelihood. If you are […]

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