Are you a small business owner? Are you looking to rebrand your existing business?

Lyons Share Marketing, LLC is partnering with Susie Morgan Creative to offer the ultimate small business packages. These marketing packages will give you all the tools you need to successfully launch (or relaunch) your business. We offer payment plans as well as build-your-own packages, if none of our existing plans aligns with your needs.

Take a look at our plans here, jump ahead to learn more about Susie Morgan, or take a look at our FAQs using these links.

Starter Package
  • ~Website (1–5 pages)
  • ~Brand identity development, including logo
Starter & Collateral
  • ~Website (1–5 pages)
  • ~Brand identity development, including logo
  • ~Tri-fold brochure
  • ~Stationery (business card, letterhead, envelope design)

Starter & Social Media Marketing
  • ~Website (1–5 pages)
  • ~Brand identity development, including logo
  • ~Social media marketing
  • » 20 posts (5 posts per week on two platforms: Instagram and Facebook)
  • » 4 graphics (to accompany posts)
  • » Caption copy and hashtags
  • » Interaction and engagement
  • *Then $800 per month for social media management*
  • Website (1–5 pages)
  • Brand identity development, including logo
  • Stationery (business card and letterhead)
  • Social media marketing
  • » 20 posts (5 posts per week on two platforms: Instagram and Facebook)
  • » 4 graphics (to accompany posts)
  • » Caption copy and hashtags
  • » Interaction and engagement
  • *Then $800 per month for social media management*

About Susie Morgan

Susie Morgan, owner of Susie Morgan Creative, has more than ten years of experience in the design industry. She has several years of experience within an award-winning agency, an in-house marketing team, a fashion merchandising company, and a publishing company.
As a designer, she works closely with her clients to make sure the logo and graphics she designs for them align perfectly with their business vision.


What is brand identity development and why do I need it?

Glad you asked! A brand is what people think of when they think of your company. It’s not something physical, but more of a feeling. Establishing a brand takes thought and process, and the marketing materials you put out in the world help determine your brand.

When I help you establish a brand identity, I ask lots of questions about you, your business, your likes and dislikes, your competitors, how you want to be perceived, and more. I then compile all of this information into a research-filled report for your review. This gives us an arsenal of information to show the world who you are and how you want to be perceived, and is the first, crucial step we take before we make your logo, website, and more. It sets you up for success by creating consistency. When your customers see a consistent appearance across all your marketing materials, they learn to trust you (an aspect of a brand that everyone wants).

Once you sign off on the report, I create a suite of logos for you, based on all that we discovered together. The colors, fonts, and style of your logo dictate how your website and all other marketing materials will look. 

What is included in my website?

One to five pages includes a homepage and secondary pages, such as a services page, an about us or staff page, a contact page, and a blog page (blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your website because you will be writing blog posts about your industry, so Google can find you based on topics you write about). We can talk about what is the most important information that you want to get published. Your site will also be responsive, meaning it is created to be read on all devices (desktop computer, tablet, phone, etc.).

Will my website be built on a template?

Yes! The great thing about template sites is that it keeps cost low, and works well for SEO (search engine optimization). We can review your template options when we kick off the project.

Can you set up an email with my domain name ( Does it cost me anything?

Yes! We can set this up for you, but please note that most web hosts charge an additional fee, typically around $6 per user. 

Do I need to buy my own domain name (web address), or is that included?

You will likely need to buy your own domain name and/or hosting plan through your web host (e.g. WordPress, GoDaddy, etc.). These fees aren’t paid to us as your web designer. They go straight to the hosting site. We will go over all of these options and pricing plans with you when you decide to move forward with web design. 

Are SEO services included in my website? 

We build your website with SEO best practices, such as clear site structure and small file sizes; we may also help with copywriting. This gives you a firm foundation to get found by search engines. However, additional SEO services will incur an additional cost. Talk to us about your budget and we will figure out something that works for you.

Do I need to write my own website copy?

Providing your own content is extremely helpful in the website building process. However, we’d be more than happy to help with copy editing, as well as provide some copywriting services. Elaina Lyons is a copywriting wizard and we can figure out a way to help you.

Do I need to provide my own photos for my website, or are those included?

Photos are the first thing a visitor sees when visiting your website, so it’s important to have photos that accurately represent you and your business, and that they are of good quality! Five stock photos are included in your website cost. Beyond that, stock photos are $15 per image. We can also get you connected with a photographer (they will charge their own fees), to be sure you have the best, most personal images for your business.

Do I need to write my own content for social media, or can you do that?

This depends on the plan you select! For social media calendars, you will write the content and we will provide a guide for when and what to post. For social media management, we will write copy for the content (pictures, videos, etc.) you provide us.

Can I build my own small business package?

Definitely! Elaina gets the discovery process started. Give her a call or email and she will discuss options with you and get a plan in place. If you want to fill out the form below, please do so and I will make sure she gets in touch with you.

Do you offer website maintenance packages?

Yes! This will depend on the type of template you get. Let’s talk about your needs and budget, for now and in the future. We can then come up with the best plan of action for you.

What payment plans do you offer?

We can create one based on your needs, but they typically are broken down into four- or six-month equal payments.